Frequently Asked Questions
What are the days and hours of operation at Tiberti Mini Storage?
Tiberti Mini Storage has the gates open to access your storage unit from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm Monday thru Saturday, 8:00 am to 7:30 Sundays and Holidays. Our office is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 9:00am to Noon on Saturdays. The office is closed Sundays.
How do I make a payment for my storage unit?
You can pay for your self storage unit by CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARD or MONEY ORDER. If you like when the office is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. We send out monthly billings by US Postal service simply send us a check back. You can also set up monthly recurring payments through your credit card. WE DO NOT accept debit or direct deposit at this time.
How big of a self storage unit will I need?
Tiberti Mini Storage offers some basic guidelines to help you determine just how much space you will need.

5' X 10'
5' X 10' X 10' is 50 square feet of space of mini storage will compare to a large walk-in closet. This size of self storage unit area can store a mattress set, some boxes and chairs. Commercial business customers could store roughly 70 file boxes as a walk-in file room.

10' X 11'
10' X 11' X 10' is 110 square feet of space of self storage will compare to a small bedroom. This size of self storage unit area can store some furnishings and boxes. Commercial business customers could store roughly 200 file boxes as a walk-in file room.

10' X 15'
10' X 15' X 10' is 150 square feet of space of self storage will compare to a large bedroom. This size of self storage unit area can store the furnishings from a small one bedroom apartment and some boxes. Commercial business customers could store roughly 300 file boxes as a walk-in file room or building materials.

10' X 22'
10' X 22' X 10' is 220 square feet of space of self storage will compare to a one car garage. This size of self storage unit area can store can store the furnishings from a 3 bedroom home or store a car or pickup truck . Commercial business customers could store roughly 380 file boxes as a walk-in file room or building materials.

10' X 27'
10' X 27' X 12' is 270 square feet of space of self storage will compare to a one car garage. This size of self storage unit area can store the furnishings from a 4 bedroom home, and many boxes, or store a car or pickup truck . Commercial business customers could use as a mini-warehouse storing about 430 file boxes or for building materials or construction equipment.

We have other larger units please contact (702-736-2811) Tiberti Mini Storage for your special needs.

*These are approximate and may vary based on the size of your individual belongings and contents. More could be stored by completely filling the space but making retrieving any particular items might mean moving a lot of other items. Space sizes are approximate. Actual space size may be smaller than indicated in advertising or other size indicators..
Do I need to get my own lock and key?
You can purchase a lock or locks from Tiberti Mini Storage or you can bring your own.
Is a year long lease required?
We know that circumstances change so we offer the ease of a month to month rental on our self storage units. We rent from the 1st of each month and will prorate the first month.
How can I save money on my self storage unit?
There are many ways to save when you have a self storage unit at Tiberti Mini Storage. As an existing tenant, you can refer a friend and get a $25 cash or credit plus your friend gets $20 off their 1st month's rent. Pay for one year in advance and save 5%. Call (702-736-2811) for current specials, we are Las Vegas's make a deal storage facility.
Can I get insurance for my belongings?
You should call your insurance agent to be sure but many homeowner policies and renters insurance policies will cover even when the items are stored away from your home. Tiberti Mini Storage does not sell insurance. It is more economical for you to purchase any additional insurance needed from your current agent.

What insurance may not cover:
When you store your items in a self storage unit, you want to follow all of the facility's rules and be sure to get insurance. But not everything is covered. It is important to know what insurance protects before renting your unit. Here are some things that usually are not covered by self storage insurance: Jewelry, Money, Furs, Art, Cars, Boats, Car titles, legal contracts etc., Personal financial records, Animals

So, what is covered?
Most household goods, personal items, and business and commercial items that you store are covered. Most insurance policies protect from fire, smoke damage, water damage (but not flooding), windstorms, explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning, building collapse, vandalism or theft, falling objects that damage the building and its contents, and hail. Most policies also protect from damage due to moths, insects, rodents, and vermin, but the amount of protection may vary. Normal wear and tear of things is not covered. Most policies also do not protect from mold, mildew, or over drying of items. Damage from changes in temperature and broken glass or fragile items also is not covered. Most policies cover damages when transporting things to or from the self storage unit. Things can vary depending on the company that insures you, so you'll want to talk to them about what items are on their specific lists for insuring and not insuring at self storage facilities. Bring a list of what you intend to store to the insurance company before you rent your self storage unit and that way you will know for sure if your items will be covered by insurance.
What is the best way to pack a self storage space?
Place wood pallets or plastic on the floor of the storage area before bringing in your belongings. Remember to leave a walkway to get to the rear of your storage area. Store the items you expect to need to use more often to the front of your storage area and keep valuables in the rear. Since you can pack items to the ceiling remember to store couches on end on a pallet to conserve space. Take apart beds and mark so to reassemble easily and attach all bolts and hardware pieces. Consider installing shelving for long term storage or for easy access of business documents or materials. Pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes and keep weight per box under 30 pounds. Coat your wood furniture in a heavy coat of wax and use old sheets or cloth to cover it rather than plastic. Completely fill your boxes and label and seal them. For a more detailed description of storage tips for specific items see Storage Tips - Save Money
Does Tiberti Mini Storage have lights and power in the unit?
all of our units larger than 5' X 10' have power and lights inside the unit. 5' X 10' units vary.
What items should NOT be stored at Tiberti Mini Storage?
High humidity may cause items containing fabric to mold or mildew or wood items to rot. Electronics may be damaged in the heat by moisture that can accumulate internally. Food and wine can spoil when warmed too much or frozen. Metal can rust and plastics melt in the wrong conditions. Consider how cold, heat, moisture or lack of light could affect your items as you select a self storage facility.

Which items are not safe to store?
It's wise to do an inventory of items you plan to place in storage. Share the list with the manager of the storage facility. Most facilities will have you sign a contract stating that you will abide by a set of rules and regulations and that you will not store certain types of items like flammable liquids or food. Management will know what can and cannot be stored, but here are some beginner pointers. Long term storage of pharmaceuticals, rare books or paper, valuable antiques or things requiring long term temperature control is not recommended for storage at Tiberti Mini Storage.

Law prohibits the storage of the following items at self storage facilities: Explosives, combustibles or toxic items.
Those vintage kerosene lamps should be emptied and cleaned before packing them into your self storage unit. Other potentially explosive or combustible materials include gasoline, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, motor oil, propane tanks, paint, corrosives, alcohol and fireworks. Potentially explosive materials can be hazardous to your health and to others. Be sure to check with the storage facility manager for a complete list of explosive items.

Don't put radioactive materials or equipment in storage - Radioactive materials are found in some medical supplies. While most types of medical supplies can be kept in storage, those items containing radioactive materials or equipment cannot.

Don't place perishable food items or animal products in storage - While it may be fine to place properly sealed canned food into storage units, do not store perishable food items such as cereals, flour, meats or cheeses. Also, do not store animal products such as cat litter or pet food in storage. These items will quickly spoil, create a foul odor and attract bugs and rodents.

Don't live in the storage unit - It may seem absurd, but cases of this have shown up on the nightly news. In desperate situations, a storage unit may seem better than the street, but this is not allowed and for good reason. Storage units are often dark and poorly ventilated with no cooking or restroom facilities. Many have no way to regulate the temperature. Customers are not allowed to plug in refrigerators, stoves, heaters, generators or air conditioners. For your safety and the security of other customers, storage units cannot be used as a motel. No one is allowed to 'spend the night' in their unit. It is strictly forbidden and may result in ending of the rental contract.
What do I need for vehicle storage ?
You need to bring a copy of or let us make a copy of your current vehicle registration
How can I use storage space for my business?

Business Storage Overview.
Self storage is not only an ideal solution for an individual or family; it can also be extremely handy for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking to store remotely because you're expanding too fast, or because you want to cut back on your office and warehousing commitments, you'll find an answer in self storage. Today, about 30% of self storage use is business-oriented. In fact, it has proved to be such a successful logistics solution that an increasing number of businesses are reducing their office space to a bare operating minimum, turning to self storage as a small-scale warehouse, distribution service or archive. Anything that isn't needed on a daily basis can be kept in one place with easy, 24/7 access. In some facilities, business users are even given preferential access to general facilities — an added advantage if you use a storage unit as a distribution point. Stock can be dispatched at short notice and at odd times. What's more, as the self storage industry has evolved, so has its range of business services. Sales/account representatives and administrators alike can operate more cost-effectively out of a business-oriented self storage facility. These operate much like the business service centers of hotels, including office facilities, faxes, internet access, coffee, and meeting rooms. Some also offer mail box rentals and shipping materials for sale. Businesses opt for self storage for various reasons. The most common uses for business storage include: Archiving documents, files and paperwork. Freeing up office space by storing items that aren't needed on a daily basis.
Storing office furniture and equipment - Storing stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis. Storing office equipment and files during a move.

As a small-scale distribution center
As a store for excess stock, reps' sales samples and display or exhibition equipment Storing office supplies, allowing businesses to buy in bulk and gain discounts. Self storage offers secure, convenient and flexible storage for small and large businesses alike to save money and increase productivity. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why businesses need and use self storage.

Benefits of Self Storage for Business
  • You pay month-to-month with no yearly leases required.
  • The rental rate for self storage is competitive with the cost of office space.
  • Office space is better used to generate income than for storage.
  • You can pay for periods in advance to receive a discount.
  • Shelving can be made available (at cost) to make the best use of your storage space.
  • A free delivery acceptance service means you don't need to employ someone to receive deliveries.

Security: 24 hour security gives you peace of mind. Off-site storage protects your valuable documents in case of fire. You rent your own individual lock up space and you keep the keys.

Flexibility: You can store month-to-month with very short notice required to vacate. As your business changes you can alter the amount of storage space you need. Downsizing and up-scaling are easy with self storage.

Business Types:
  • Archive storage
  • Sales team sample and product storage
  • Point-of-sale equipment storage
  • Office relocation furniture storage
  • Trade business storage such as plumbers, builders, plasters
  • Storage of imported and exported goods
  • Small business stock overflow storage
  • Seasonal demand items such as Christmas merchandise
  • Tradeshow storage of banners, display booths and materials
  • Pharmaceutical samples and sales material storage
  • Mobile business equipment storage
  • Home office storage
Do you accept deliveries?
We will accept deliveries for you. We have two ways, either you can give us a key to your unit and we will open the door for the delivery. The second way we will put your delivery in our unit, notify you of the delivery and you have 3 business days to move the items. After 3 days we will charge a daily fee for holding your items. Deliveries can only be made during Office Hours.
If moving, do you want to pack and store your items yourself or hire someone to do it for you?
If you value ease and saving time over saving money, you may want to hire a professional who will come and pack up your belongings, move your items to their company-run storage site and then pack them up again and move them to your new destination. Make sure that you do your homework before hiring a mover. You'll want to know that the company you hire is a reputable one before you entrust them with your valuables. Another thing to consider is that if you pack and store the items yourself you will have to pay for insurance, which can be costly. When hiring someone to do the work for you, insurance is often included in the cost of their services.

Call Tiberti Mini Storage (702-736-2811) for a list of movers, we know local movers from small to big.
What is the availability of management?
Tiberti has resident managers. They live onsite, offering 24/7 security and possible emergency availability.
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